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Payment Policies



For private cruises. When confirming a booking a prepaid bond of 50% of your minimum payment will be required. The bond secures your day and time of departure, and is your agreement to these conditions.
The bond will be refunded within 5 working days of your cruise when the following common sense and courtesy regulations are followed. (Please be aware that these regulations are designed for your safety and comfort, our staff safety, and to meet our legal requirements under Maritime law; Liquor Licensing law; Health and Safety law. The bond is deemed fully forfeited by you if any guests disregard the staff and their directions for your safety and comfort onboard.)

- Exit the vessel (or attempt to exit) at anytime except when directed by staff at a controlled wharf area. (this could also result in fatal drowning)
- Smoke outside designated areas.
- Tamper with the safety equipment.
- Enter staff only areas.
- Remove any fixtures, equipment, or supplies.
- Damage furnishings, structure or equipment.
- Possession of alcohol (opened or not) that has not been purchased at the Licensed bar onboard.
- Any act of aggression to other guests or staff.
- If the skipper in charge feels it is required he will terminate any cruise anytime.

Any violation could also involve police and any regulatory enforcement agency deemed necessary by the crew.



Full payment for the cruise is required by bank deposit at least 7 days before the cruise.
Credit card charges: 3.5%


Enjoy a great day out