Conference Breakouts - breakfast

Conference Breakouts - breakfast

Kewpie Cruises

Take a break... from the meetings and have a relaxing 1hr, 2hr or 3hr scenic cruise. Take the opportunity to see the Tauranga Port infrastructure up close. City to Port.

Perhaps a breakfast meeting on the water. Fresh food, coffee and juices. Let us prepare for a lunch or afternoon tea.. KEWPIE is licensed with full bar facilities including cold beers, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks. Nespresso Coffee is also available

We an cater for up to 100 people

1hr cruise $35.00 pp. minimum charge $700 incl GST for up to 20pax

2hr cruise $35.00 pp. minimum charge $1050 incl GST for up to 30 pax

3hr cruise $40 pp. minimum charge $1200 inc GST for up to 30 pax

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EFTPOS available

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Kewpie Cruises Departing from the Strand

Departing from THE STRAND, Tauranga

Kewpie can provide catering for your group. Please refer to our Catering for more options

Catering suggestions

 Pluto Catering (Chef supplied)

A popular catering choice for any occassion particularly corporate events, the friendly team at Pluto know how to feed a crowd. Trust us when we say they make the best salads in the bay! 

The provide clean, healthy options using the freshest ingredients sourced locally where possible. Guaranteed outstanding service for your next event (Chefs provided)

Grazing Platters (To Start)  $15 per person 

(minimum order of 20 people or $300)
A selection of:Cold Deli Meats 

  • Antipasti (olives, pickles, sundried tomatoes etc)

  • Crackers and Breads

  • Cheeses

  • Chutneys

  • Fruits & Nuts

Mains -  $35 per person 

(minimum order of 20 people or $700)

A Variety of 4 Salads (choose two options from the three

Option 1:
2 Salad Combo 
Chorizo penne pasta salad with roasted capsicum, pesto, feta and baby greens
With a caesar salad of crunchy cos lettuce, parmesan cheese, boiled egg, bacon, croutons and our house made caesar salad.

Option 2:
2 Salad Combo - Vegan
Israeli couscous with sundried tomato, roasted pumpkin, baby spinach dressed with a chili, lime and ginger splash
With superslaw or red cabbage, carrot, beetroot, baby spinach topped with toasted seeds and our house made vegan turmeric aioli

Option 3:
2 Salad Combo - Gluten Free + Vegan
Superslaw or red cabbage, carrot, beetroot, baby spinach topped with toasted seeds and our house made vegan turmeric aioli
Ottoman brown rice salad with curry cidar dressing, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, sultanas, apricots, celery, red capsicum.

A Selection of 3 Meats 

  • Glazed Champagne Ham

  • Boneless Stuffed Chicken

  • Roasted Beef

  • Crusty Bread Rolls
  • Pesto and Chutney

Desserts - $15 per person

 (minimum order or 20 people or $300)

Platters of assorted sweets including:

  • Slices

  • Raw Treats

  • Fruits

Kiwi Spit Roast Company

Pirates Pickings Finger Food on platters 

$22.00 per person

(minimum order 20 or $440)

A great selection of food, perfect for a casual gathering: Ploughman's platter / Mini savouries / Assorted sushi / Pizza bites / Marinated chicken nibbles

Boatman's BBQ chef supplied, served on plates and utensils $28.00 per person

(minimum order 20 or $560)
A true Kiwi tradition with a range of delicious meats and salads: Chicken kebabs / Sausages / Marinated rump steak: Tossed lettuce salad / Italian pasta salad / Surimi salad / Potato & egg salad

Captain's Choice Spit Roast Meal chef supplied, served on plates and utensils $38.00 per person

minimum order 25 or $950)
A two-course banquet to satisfy any appetite!

Hors d'oeuvres (choose three): Smoked salmon mousse canapes / Deep fried wontons & spring rolls / Assorted sushi rolls / Chicken nibbles / Garlic & cheese bundles

Main: Spit Roasted pork, Beef & Chicken: Potatoes / Gravy / Sliced buttered banquettes: Tossed lettuce salad / Italian pasta salad / Surimi salad / Potato & egg salad

Dessert add to any main $12.00 per person

( minimum order 20 or $240)
Fresh fruit salad, pavlova, cheesecake and chocolate log. 

Lemongrass Catering Company

Finger Food Platters:

Breads Chips n dip $65 per platter 

 ( each platter serves 10 guests) 

Fresh bakery bread (DF) - cornchips (DF/GF/ vegan) - salted peanuts (GF/DF/vegan)

pretzels (DF/GF) - hummous (DF/GF vegan) - salsa (GF/DF vegan) - pesto (GF/vegetarian)

Sweet Platter $135 per platter 

  (each platter serves 10 guests) 

Lemon curd and marscapone cream tartlets (vegetarian) -  Glutenfree chocolate brownie bites (GF)

Bliss balls (GF/DF vegan) - mini fresh fruit kebabs (GF/DF vegan) - chocolate dipped cream filled profieroles (vegetarian)


Canapes Platters: $145 per platter 

(each platter serves 10 guests) 

 A selection of Sweets, Antipastos, Bread and Dips, Gluten Free/ Dairy Free/ Vegan /Vegetarian options.

Smoked salmon with citrus cream blinis - chicken and walnut tartlet - beef and horse radish crostini - parmesan shortbread

sunblush tomato and pesto ( vegetarian) - beetroot hummous with marinated feta tartlets ( vegetarian)


 Antipasto Platters $130 per platter

 (each platter serves 10 guests) 

Seasonal fresh fruit (GF/DF/vegan) - marinated olives, gherkins, sunblush tomato (GF/DF/vegan) Hummous (GF/DF/vegan) -cornchips (GF/DF/vegan)

Selection of continental meats (GF/DF) - selection of cheeses (GF/vegetarian) - rice crackers (GF/DF/vegan) - crackers (vegtarian)


BBQ and Burrito Options

Bio degradable plates and cutlery, napkins provided. Meats ready to cook on BBQ*. Salads ready to served in our disposable trays.

*Supply your own MasterChef or we will provide a chef on board at an additional cost.


Budget barbeque $28 per person

(minimum price for 25 guests or $700)

Note: this menu is designed for the client to cook meats on board

Angle Bay burgers (1.5pp) - frankfurters(1.5pp) - burger and hotdog buns - mixed green salad with diced tomato, cucumber, red onion and grated cheese-Red and white coleslaw - gourmet potato salad with ham, egg and herb dressing - mayonaise - tomato sauce and mustard tubs

Disposable plates - cutlery and napkins


Gourmet Barbeque $42 per person

 (minimum price for 25 guests  or $1,050)

Note: this menu is designed for the client to cook meats on board

Sirloin steak 150g (GF/D/F) - kransky sausage (GF) - lemon and citrus marinated chicken skewer ( GF/DF)

King prawn skewer with sweet chilli sauce (GF/DF)

 Pick for your whole group salad / bread from A or B to accompany your BBQ meat

Salad A

Tossed green salad (GF/DF vegetarian) 

Roasted vegetable and rice salad (GF/DF/vegetarian)

Penne pasta, pesto, sunblushed tomato ( vegetarian)

Gourmet potato salad with mild curry dressing (vegetarian)
Fresh bakery bread, rolls and butter

Disposable plates, cutlery and napkin


Or Salad B - Dietary (GF/DF/ Vegan salad options)

Raw brocolli, dried cranberry, toasted almond salad with dressing (GF/DF /vegan)

Tossed green salad with side vinagarette dressing (GF/DF /vegan)

Gourmet salad with light herb and lemon dressing (GF/DF /vegan)

Sunshine rice salad (GF/D /vegan)

Mixed sliced GF/DF/vegan bread and cocktail wraps DF/ vegan (x 2pp)

Disposable plates, cutlery and napkin


Grazing Platter and Burrito $35 per person

 (minimum price for 20 guests or $700 maximum of 40)

Kewpie platter ( each platter serves 10 )

Fresh bakery bread (DF) - hummous (GF/DF/vegan) - cubed cheddar cheese - gherkins - olives - sliced salami - salted peanuts (GF/DF/vegan)

Pretzels (DF/vegan) - cornchips (GF/DF/vegan)


Large hand held flour tortilla stuffed with spiced black bean rice, shredded sage and lemon chicken,

Dried cranberries,coarse grain mustard cream sauce, sliced roasted red peppers.

Wrapped in tin foil ready to be placed on pre heated barbeque for 40 minutes on low heat to heat through. Turn over after 20 minutes.

Disposable plate cutlery and napkin included.

Note: client to place burritos on barbeque for reheating as no Lemon Grass staff are on board


Kewpie Burgers paper plated $12.00 each 

(Minimum order 20 or $240)

Add two seasonal salads $16.00 
Delicious fresh made Beef patty: Mild Jalapeno and green tomato chutney or Dried Tomato and Kalamata olive relish: Garnished with crispy sliced gherkins, crunchy ice lettuce and cheese. Beetroot available for those wanting a kiwi classic taste.

Kewpie Classic BBQ plated $26.00 each

 (minimum order 20 pax or $520)
Delicious fresh made Chiken Kebabs / Beef Patties / Sausages /  Two Seasonal Salads.


Lemongrass  Lunch Catering 

Individual Picnic Boxes

"Great for daytime cruises"

Single serve Kewpie picnic box  $25per person (minimum 15 or $375)

Cocktail wrap with a variety of fillings - baby crossaint with ham brie and cranberry

Individual vegetarian quiche - sweet treat - cheese crackers and grapes

GF/DF and vegetarian options available


Single serve lite bite picnic box $17 per person (minimum 15 pax or $255)

Ham and cheese /egg and mayo and greens cocktail sandwich (1 of each )

Savoury scone with side of butter and wooden knife - sweet treat

GF/DF and vegetarian options available.


Kewpie Lunch

Kewpie Lunch Box lunch box $15.00 each

(minimum order 20 pax or $300)
Selection of fresh made Sandwiches: Chicken lettuce mayo /  Beef cheese pickle / Ham egg. Carrot cake slice. Yogurt tub. Biscuits with continuos tea and coffee from the self service urn.





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