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Catering options aboard the Kewpie


Kewpie Menus

Kewpie Lunch Box lunch box $15.00 each minimum order 20 pax
Selection of fresh made Sandwiches: Chicken lettuce mayo /  Beef cheese pickle / Ham egg. Carrot cake slice. Yogurt tub. Biscuits with continuos tea and coffee from the self service urn.

Kewpie Burgers paper plated $12.00 each. Add two seasonal salads $16.00pp minimum order 20 pax
Delicious fresh made Beef patty: Mild Jalapeno and green tomato chutney or Dried Tomato and Kalamata olive relish: Garnished with crispy sliced gherkins, crunchy ice lettuce and cheese. Beetroot available for those wanting a kiwi classic taste.

Kewpie Classic BBQ plated $26.00 each minimum order 20 pax
Delicious fresh made Chiken Kebabs / Beef Patties / Sausages /  Two Seasonal Salads.

Enjoy a great day out