KEWPIE has professional catering for anything from a Corporate Function to your Private Party
Catering is available with a fantastic variety from canapés to deserts and everything in between. All created and served by our chefs. Alternatively you may wish to supply your own catering finished on our massive BBQ (charges apply)

Pluto Catering 

A popular catering choice for any occassion particularly corporate events, the friendly team at Pluto know how to feed a crowd. Trust us when we say they make the best salads in the bay! 

The provide clean, healthy options using the freshest ingredients sourced locally where possible. Guaranteed outstanding service for your next event 

Grazing Platters 

 A selection of deli meats, cheeses, antipasti, chutneys, fruits & nuts, breads & crackers $23 per head ( minmum order 20 people or $420 )

Bread Platter - With chutney, olive oil & balsamic $8 per head (minmum order 20 people or $180 )

Mains ( minimum or 20 people or $510 )

Salads  $18.50 per head - choose  3 salad options

Chorizo Pasta Salad - Penne pasta salad with basil pesto, chorizo pasta, feta cheese, roasted capsicum and baby spinach.

Caesar Salad - crunchy cos lettuce with parmesan cheese, egg, bacon and our house-made caesar dressing. Croutons on the side ( Gluten free if no croutons).

Beetroot, Walnut & Feta - Roasted beetroot, with crumbled feta, walnuts on baby greens with vinaigrette dressing. ( Gluten free)

Brown Rice Sushi Salad - Brown rice with miso dressing, crunchy asian vegies, edamame beans, toasted sesame seeds, pickled ginger & nori. Served with vegan wasabi aioli. (GF & Vegan)

Super Slaw - Beetroot, carrot, red and green cabbage, baby spinach, toasted seeds ( coconut, sesame, sunflower & pumpkin). Served with our vegan turmeric aioli. (GF & Vegan)

Isralie Couscous - With roasted pumpkin, sundried tomato, baby spinach and our famous chili, lime & ginger dressing. ( Vegan)

Creamy Potato Salad - agria potatoes tossed in a mustard aioli with pickled red onion and fresh herbs. ( GF)

Asian Noodle Salad - Udon noodles marinated in a chili, soy and sesame dressing, tossed with crunchy asian veggies and black sesame. Served with our chili, lime and ginger dressing. (Vegan)


Glazed champagne ham with star anise, orange & maple - $12.50 P/H

Marinated rare roasted beef with a chimichurri sauce - $15  P/H

Miso Glazed Salmon - $15 p/H

Grilled Chicken in a mustard and herb pesto sauce - $10.50 P/H


Sweets ( minimum order 20 people or $180 )

Fresh Fruit Platter - a selection of seasonal fresh fruits - $9 P/H

Sweets Platter - a selection of slices: brownies, caramel slice, coconut slice, bliss balls - $9 P/H


Kiwi Spit Roast Company

Pirates Pickings Finger Food on platters $25.00 per person

(minimum order 20 or $500)

A great selection of food, perfect for a casual gathering: Ploughman's platter / Mini savouries / Samosas /Mini Spring Rolls / Pizza bites / Cocktail Sandwiches

Boatman's BBQ chef supplied, served on plates and utensils 

$30.00 per person (minimum order 20 or $600)
A true Kiwi tradition with a range of delicious meats and salads: Chicken kebabs / Sausages / Marinated rump steak: Tossed lettuce salad / Italian pasta salad / Surimi salad / Potato & egg salad

Captain's Choice Spit Roast Meal chef supplied, served on plates and utensils

 $40.00 per person  (minimum order 25 or $1000)
A two-course banquet to satisfy any appetite!

Hors d'oeuvres  Choose three: Smoked salmon mousse canapes / Deep fried wontons & spring rolls / Assorted sushi rolls / Chicken nibbles 

Main: Choose two meat options Spit Roasted pork, Beef  or Chicken:

 With Potatoes / Gravy / Sliced buttered banquettes: Tossed lettuce salad / Italian pasta salad / Surimi salad / Potato & egg salad

Dessert add to any main $15.00 per person

( minimum order 20 or $300)
Fresh fruit salad, pavlova, cheesecake and chocolate log. 

 Tauranga Events

Grazing Platters

$19 per person (minimum order $380) - Includes Cheeses, cured meats, breads, crackers, dips, fresh fruit and other delicious items to compliment your trip. 
Sliders $9 per person - Served on a fresh baked slider bun with house made salads and dressing.
Choose from - Pulled pork, Marinated tofu or Korean BBQ Chicken . 
Bbq Skewers  $19 for 3
Choose from - Prawn and chorizo, Marinated tofu or Korean BBQ Chicken or Teriyaki beef.
Crostini  $15 for 3   Vegan pesto and cream cheese topped with heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and balsamic glaze. Whipped Feta, topped with heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and balsamic glaze. Dill, cream cheese and salmon topped.


Kiwi BBQ
 $30 per person (Minimum order 20 or $600)
Doug Jarvis pure beef sausages
Hamburger Patties
Chicken Breast
Satay Chicken skewers
Sweet Soy Marinated beef skewers
Marinated Tofu (Vegan, GF)
Creamy pasta salad
OPTION 1 bowtie pasta, roast bell peppers, roast pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, parsley, and garlic herb dressing (vegan)
OPTION 2 spiral pasta, bacon, carrot, onion, Capsicum, corn and thousand island dressing.
Creamy potato salad (GF)  OPTION1 honey mustard, bacon, red onion, boiled egg, and garlic chives   OPTION 2 honey mustard, bacon, red onion, boiled egg, and garlic chives
Classic Coleslaw (Vegetarian, GF)
Classic Garden salad (VEGAN, GF)


Choose 2 meats and 3 salads  $40 per person ( minimum order 25 or $1000)
Choose 3 meats and 4 salads  $48 per person ( minimum order $1200)
Includes Chef on board ceramic plates cutlery bread, butter and sauces.
MEATS TO CHOOSE FROM - Roast Chicken, Honey glazed baked Ham, Roast beef, Marinated Tofu Or Baked Salmon + $2PP 
Israeli Couscous (VEGAN) - With seasonal roast veggies, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, fresh herbs and house made aioli and almond dressing.
Pesto Penne Pasta (VEGETERIAN) - With baby spinach, feta, cashew nuts, sundried tomatoes and fresh herbs. 
Creamy Potato Salad (GLUTEN FREE) With Honey mustard dressing, crispy bacon, boiled egg and spring onion. 
Lemon Herb Potato Salad (VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE) With creamy dressing, lemon, mint and garden peas. 
Asian slaw (VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE) With rainbow veg coleslaw, herbs, edamame beans and crunchy satay peanut dressing.
Broccoli Salad (VEGETERIAN & GLUTEN FREE) With raw broccoli, cranberry, almonds, ceasar dressing, grated carrot and garden peas. Udon Noodle Salad - With thick Udon noodles soaked in sweet soy dressing, bean sprouts, carrot, tofu or chicken - Topped with lime, coriander and peanuts.
Roast Veg Salad (VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE) - With seasonal roast veg topped with house made almond and aioli dressing and fresh herbs. Garden Salad-Classic Garden salad with crisp lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber, tomato and avocado dressed with home-made lemon vinaigrette.
Greek Salad - With Feta, Olives, Tomatoes, Red onion and green bell peppers. Generously seasoned with salt pepper and extra virgin Olive Oil. 


 $19 per person (minimum order 20 or $380) (Vegan or Gluten free available on request + $7PP)
 Homemade Chocolate Brownie served with Fresh Cream 
 Summer Mango and apple Crumble Pots topped with toasted coconut topping. Served chilled with Vanilla Ice cream.
 Chocolate mousse cups topped with berries and whipped cream. Classic kiwi Pavlova topped with fresh fruit and cream. 
Classic trifle - with sponge cake, berry coulis, custard, whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Breakfast or Brunch

Vegan and Gluten Free Available on Request + $5 per person)

OPTION ONE - BIG BREAKFAST $33 per person (minimum order $825)
With toast, Scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.
 OPTION TWO - CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST $30 per person ( minimum order $750)
With cereals, yogurt, fresh fruit, toast, pastries and spreads.
CONTINENTAL BIG BREAKFAST MIXED $40 per person ( minimum $1000)
A mix of big breakfast and continental.


Kewpie Burgers $26.00 each 

Minimum order 20 or $520

Please note gluten free and vegan / vegetarian burger options available $28.00 each 

Add two seasonal salads  $28.00 pp 
Delicious fresh made Beef patty: Mild Jalapeno and green tomato chutney or Dried Tomato and Kalamata olive relish: Garnished with crispy sliced gherkins, crunchy ice lettuce and cheese. Beetroot available for those wanting a kiwi classic taste.

Kewpie Classic BBQ  $38.00 each (minimum order 20 pax or $760)
Delicious fresh made Chicken Kebabs,  Beef Patties, Sausages, Two Seasonal Salads.


Kewpie Lunch

Kewpie Lunch Box  

Basic $13.50 each

(minimum order 20 pax or $260)

Large filled Turkish pocket, wholegrain sandwich or wrap - Fillings Chicken, Beef, Ham or Avocado (vegetarian) and salad Lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrot and cucumber - egg optional

Sweet slice Chocolate brownie or louise cake 

 Standard $18.50 each

(minimum order 20 pax or $370)

Small Filled Turkish pocket - chicken and cranberry or ham and honey mustard or vegetarian avocado

Club Sandwich

Bacon and egg pie slice  or Frittata or Quiche slice 

Sweet slice Chocolate brownie or Louise slice 




Kewpie Cruises